Custom synthesis

Win-Win was originally founded as a specialist custom synthesis business. We have more than 10 years experience in Custom Synthesis.

We are comfortable working from a synthetic pathway supplied by you or equally devising our own route to your desired target. Our R&D labs, coupled with scale up expertise, Pilot Plants and multi-purpose production plant, mean that we can meet your custom synthesis demands at the scale you require. We are very proud of our large client portfolio, which spans a range of industries from pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical, electronics & coatings. Quality, on-time delivery and a tailored personal service are all key aspects of working with us.

If your project requires a wide range of organics, especially aromatic fluoride compounds, heterocyclic compounds, Organosilicone and difficult-to-make chiral building blocks etc.; please submit the following information or send an e-mail:[email protected]

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Product Name:
CAS Number:

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